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Through the Eyes of the Photographer is a free online photo gallery of digital photography that has been compiled over the years by a dedicated photographer, Paul J. Bates III , to form a unique and original experience. Great care and consideration has gone into this exciting and beautiful site to provide an awe-inspiring look at the world around us in an organized and delightful fine art gallery. Much of the digital photography you'll see incorporate the beauty of the natural world as well as some of the many wonders of the modern world. Feel free to browse but do not take! Enjoy your stay....

If you missed out on Spring Break in Daytona Beach this year check out the new Spring Break Nationals pictures from 2004.  Some of the vehicles you'll see in here will blow your mind!

Spring Break Nationals 2004

Landscape Pictures

The world is full of beautiful scenery and that's exactly what you get when you visit the Landscape Pictures section!

Dying to get out and travel? All of us are, so adventure and digital photography are number one on the list of activities on a photographer's brain. Come check out the Travel section of Mystic Skies for a photo gallery of various travel pictures from far and wide.

Travel Pictures

Beach Pictures

If beaches are more your thing then visit the massive collection of Beach Pictures for a wide variety of scenery from Moonshots to Sunrises and Sunsets.


The Artist's Comments:

"If you're looking for great digital photography or fine art then you've come to the right place! has a photo gallery to suit anyone's taste ranging from landscape pictures, beach pictures, moonshots, sunsets, and just about everything else that you could really consider special. I've worked very hard to make this site an enjoyable experience. Hope you enjoy your stay!"




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